• BBK slogan - Be Fair, Be Competitive
  • BBK – Business & Law was founded in 2016.
The idea to establish BBK was formed in 2015, when certain part of BBK partners won one of the court litigation process. Partners were drived by this case to found a Law frm. This became a push for partners.

Right protection is necessary for individuals and for Business, as well. First needs of Business include not only legal services, but also service of supporting business development and growth. Therefore, BBK founders decided to create Complex Consulting Products in the fields of their competence, qualification and experience.
  • BBK - Logo was inspired by Runic script, precisely Runic Alphabetic Symbol Berkanan -  - The idea of logo was inspired by the rune script symbol - Berkanan. The meaning of this symbol has as complex content/meaning as BBK's services. Berkanan symbolizes physical and mental growth, flourishing of new beginnings, regeneration, profit, cleaning, growing business, investment, renovation, physical beauty and distinctiveness, birth of new live, positiveness of new activity or idea, fertility, beginning of a new cycle and healing.
  • BBK Mission - Offer to the costumers roffesional and personalized Service, adjusted to the needs of certain costumer. 
  • BBK Vision - Became one of the successfull companies at consulting market by its Business and Legal Consulting services; Participate in business development,  private sector success and provide their legal support. 
  • Client-oriented approach and Complex solutions – BBK main strategy.
  • Accessible Service – Accessible service for customers with any range of income – is Our Priority. Accessibility is conditioned by proper allocation of work resources and team coordination.
  • Simplify your work – Company’s position, variety of field s and team qualification, intelligence and experience will pedestal your success as BBK team is oriented to support your business by their coordinated work.


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